Access HKETO via Assistive Tools for the Visually Impaired

For users with needs of assistive tools to browse HKETO, the following sections explain the function of screen reader and screen magnifying software.

What Screen Readers Do
A screen reader is an audio computer program that reads out the content displayed on a computer screen for visually impaired people. Some readers can also output the content to Braille. Two common screen readers are:

JAWS is a commercial software that provides extensive functions and training on using JAWS.
Microsoft Narrator is a free software that comes with Windows.

What Screen Magnifying Software Do
Screen magnifying software such as Zoomtext and SuperNova Reader Magnifier enlarges the content displayed on a computer screen up to a few thousand times. Users can choose the magnification level that best suits their personal needs. This kind of software can also display webpage content in black and white or in monochrome. In this way, content can be displayed in high color contrast.

  • Zoomtext – Official Website

  • SuperNova Reader Magnifier – Official Website

  • Compare to the robust commercial software which provide more functions, Windows also comes with a free screen magnifying software and a high contrast display option.

  • Instructions to adjust display and readability for Windows – All Windows Versions