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Govt opposes US sanctions law

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government expressed strong opposition to the passage of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act by the Senate of the US Congress.

In a statement on June 26, the Hong Kong SAR Government said many of the comments on Hong Kong Special Administrative Region affairs in the act are seriously misleading and absolutely unfounded.

It emphasized that the implementation of the “one country, two systems” principle in Hong Kong is entirely the internal affairs of the People's Republic of China and that no other state or legislature has the right to intervene, directly or indirectly, in those internal affairs.

“Since the return to the Motherland, the Hong Kong SAR has been exercising 'Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong' and a high degree of autonomy in strict accordance with the Basic Law.

“The 'one country, two systems' principle has been fully and successfully implemented. The Hong Kong SAR Government will continue to implement the 'one country, two systems' principle resolutely in accordance with the Basic Law.”

The Hong Kong SAR Government noted that the people of Hong Kong enjoy extensive rights and freedoms which are enshrined in the Basic Law.

“Article 4 of the Basic Law provides that the Hong Kong SAR shall safeguard the rights and freedoms of the residents of the Hong Kong SAR and other people in the region in accordance with the law.

“In addition, human rights and freedoms in Hong Kong are fully protected by the Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance and other legislation, and underpinned by an independent judiciary.”
The statement pointed out that the Hong Kong Autonomy Act and the so-called "sanctions" are totally unacceptable and will only harm the relations and common interests between Hong Kong and the US.

“Any sanctions imposed under the act will not create an obligation for financial institutions under Hong Kong law. We however urge the US side to act responsibly by refraining from taking measures that may potentially affect the normal operations of financial institutions and the vast number of customers they serve.”

The Hong Kong SAR Government reiterated that foreign legislatures should not interfere in any form in the city’s internal affairs.

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