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Co-creating Hong Kong: a design + exhibition

Featuring 14 unique projects by Hong Kong’s leading and emerging creative talent, “Co-creating Hong Kong” illustrates how design can foster innovation and bring new perspectives on technology, sustainability, and community.

The exhibition experience starts with interactive technology-oriented projects, leading into sustainability and community’s works.  All of the works are supplemented with captions and behind-the-scene materials supplied by participating designers to offer a multi-layered experience.

Co-creation refers to the design process, and their collaborative synergies in carving out Hong Kong’s unique character.  It also reinforces Hong Kong’s continual creative collaboration with a dynamic range of cities and countries. 

Through an array of design projects and its behind-the-scene stories, design is illustrated as a co-creative methodology to create experiences for forging new dialogues across disciplines, craft and technology, history and the future and diverse communities.

The exhibition is free and open to the public beginning on Sunday, September 15 – Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Chandran Gallery, 459 Geary St., San Francisco, CA 94102.

Designer spotlights:

Henry Chu – featured in MoMA New York and Louis Vuitton Digital Discoveries for his iPad music apps Squiggle and SoundYeah – exhibits Shadow Harp – an interactive audience interface that creates music from movement. Catch a sneak peak of Shadow Harp in the video below.

- Squiggle app video displayed in post https://vimeo.com/11349475

He will have two projects at the San Francisco exhibit: Body Walk and Shadow Harp. Watch the video below for a sneak peak of the Shadow Harp interactive interface. 

- Shadow Harp video displayed in post https://www.pillandpillow.com/shadow-harp

Karr Yip - brought his technology and innovation skills together to help organizations and NGOs. Yip’s SOSOC project helps organizations, NGOs and institutions create an app for free. SOCOC can create and manage Membership Cards, Profiles, Events, Notifications, Instant Messages, Group Chats, Publications, Votes, and much more! https://www.sosoc.com/

Mui Kinoshita -  the creator of Airluna, an air purifying lamp that uses patented technology to  convert the pollutants like ozone and TVOC to harmless substances like water and carbon dioxide. By combining patented technology, she has extended the life of air purifiers with a well-designed lamp for your household wishlist. Visit Co-Creating Hong Kong to get a sneak peak of the Airluna lamp at work before it is pre-sold in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Clement Tien and San Wong - the founders of Arical, the world’s leading company focused on applying the latest artificial intelligence technologies to urban planning, architectural design and property development. Arical’s technology uses machine intelligence to generate conceptual building design layouts based on market data, ROI, planning, lease regulations, design principles and constraints. Visit Co-Creating Hong Kong to witness how Arical empowers architects, urban planners and property developers with AI.

Mazing and Connie Lee - the co-designers of Lify, a holistic wellness-tech platform with a vision to provide a personalized wellness beverage experience. Equipped with an AI wellness evaluation tool and a smart herbal brewer, this device recommends herbal tea drinks based on the users physical and overall body condition. Visit Co-Creating Hong Kong to discover the perfect herbal tea beverage to boost your wellness.

The exhibition is co-hosted by Hong Kong Design Centre with the support of AIGA San Francisco – the professional association for design

Airluna by Mui Kinoshita
Airluna by Mui Kinoshita
Lify, one of the world’s first wellness beverage devices, can help you reach your personal wellness goals by recommending beverages based on your physical and overall body condition.
Lify, one of the world’s first wellness beverage devices, can help you reach your personal wellness goals by recommending beverages based on your physical and overall body condition.
Mind Wandering by Victor Wong
Mind Wandering by Victor Wong
 Shadow Harp by Henry Chu
Shadow Harp by Henry Chu


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