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  • One hundred and three Issue - June 18, 2021
    HKETO-SF Presents Hong Kong Cinema Showcase @ CAAMFest 2021
    Fabulous Feast of Art at Art Basel Hong Kong
    Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Appreciation Animation Videos
    Fintech 2025 Strategy Unveiled

  • One hundred and two Issue - March 5, 2021
    Hong Kong Economic Outlook Positive: Financial Secretary
    HKETO Hosts Virtual Spring Reception to Celebrate Year of the Ox
    HKETO Holds Webinar Featuring International Landscape Photographer of the Year from Hong Kong
    Webinar to Discuss Hong Kong’s Business Environment

  • One hundred and one Issue - December 4, 2020
    Striving Ahead with Renewed Perseverance
    Hong Kong’s Next Chapter as a Global Financial Center
    Exploring Art + Technology
    SFETO Copresents Wong Kar-wai Film Series

  • One hundred Issue - August 27, 2020
    Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco Welcomes New Director
    Entry Requirements to Hong Kong from the U.S.
    Universal Community COVID-19 Testing Program in Hong Kong
    Tenth Edition Hong Kong Cinema Concluded

  • Ninety-ninth Issue - July 15, 2020
    Tenth Edition of Hong Kong Cinema Moves Online
    National Security Law comes into effect
    HK$10,000 payout to eligible Hong Kong residents
    euronews. Hong Kong's new business and cultural normal

  • Ninety-eight Issue - May 7, 2020
    Hong Kong Starts to Lift Certain Social Distancing Measures
    Hong Kong Government to Distribute Free Reusable Masks to all Citizens
    Building Development Teams in Hong Kong is a Viable Option for Bay Area Tech Companies
    New Principal Officials Take Oath

  • Ninety-seventh Issue - January 3, 2020
    SFETO Supports Two Unique Opera Events in San Francisco
    Hong Kong Cinema Highlighted at 39th Hawaii International Film Festival
    Night Poem III by Hong Kong Composer had its World Premiere in California
    CE Sets Out Principles for Restoring Calm, Boosting the Economy in Policy Address

  • Ninety-sixth Issue - October 8, 2019
    Hong Kong Creative Talent on Display in San Francisco
    Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Visits California
    Hong Kong Secretary for Innovation and Technology Visits Seattle and California
    HKETO SF Hosts Star-studded Hong Kong Cinema Reception

  • Ninety-fifth Issue - July 2, 2019
    Government to be More Open
    Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Deepens HK-US ties
    Get Your Tickets to Hong Kong Cinema – July 12-14
    HKETO SF Supports Hong Kong Films and Talents

  • Ninety-fourth Issue - May 7, 2019
    Hong Kong Financial Secretary Visits Seattle and San Francisco
    HKETO, San Francisco Promotes Hong Kong Films at 2019 San Francisco International Film Festival
    Hong Kong: its Role in the Greater Bay Area
    Wong Kar-wai Selected as Filmmaker in Focus at 38th Hawaii International Film Festival

  • Ninety-third Issue - January 7, 2019
    Mega Bridge Opens
    Chief Executive Delivers 2018 Policy Address
    Hong Kong: its Role in the Greater Bay Area
    Wong Kar-wai Selected as Filmmaker in Focus at 38th Hawaii International Film Festival

  • Ninety-second Issue - October 3, 2018
    Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development: Hong Kong Remains an Open Market
    Secretary for the Environment Attends Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco
    Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018 Kicks Off with Nations Welcome Ceremony Presented by HKETO, San Francisco
    Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, San Francisco honored by Chinese American Museum

  • Ninety-first Issue - July 6, 2018
    SFST Visits San Francisco Bay Area to Forge Collaboration
    Rugby World Cup Sevens to Host ‘Nations Welcome’ Celebration to Kick Off Tournament Weekend
    New Hong Kong Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs, USA, Appointed
    CAAMFest Honors Hong Kong Actress at this Year’s Festival

  • Ninetieth Issue - April 16, 2018
    Hong Kong Financial Secretary Delivers 2018-19 Budget
    HKETO Celebrates Year of the Dog
    Two-Tiered Profits Tax Rates Regime Implemented from April 1 This Year
    Rosy Future for HK Art Scene

  • Eighty-ninth Issue - December 20, 2017
    Exhibition to Illuminate the Unique Story of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
    Wine Re-exported from Hong Kong Enjoy Instant Customs Clearance in All Customs Districts of Mainland China
    Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macao Governments Join Forces to Attract North American Companies to Access Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area
    Hong Kong Ranked World's Fifth Easiest Place to Do Business

  • Eighty-eighth Issue - October 24, 2017
    Hong Kong Chief Executive Delivers Policy Address
    SFETO Promotes Policy Address at Business Luncheon
    Hong Kong Team Takes Part in Hong Kong-Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival
    Asian Youth Orchestra Kicks Off its 2017 North American and European Tour in San Jose

  • Eighty-seventh Issue - July 31, 2017
    New Chief Executive of Hong Kong
    Receptions, Concerts and Film Festival to Celebrate HKSAR’s 20th Anniversary
    Hong Kong: The Dragon that Never Sleeps
    Harnessing Creativity: The Hong Kong Way

  • Eighty-sixth Issue - March 31, 2017
    Carrie Lam Wins CE Election
    Hong Kong Financial Secretary Unveils 2017-18 Budget
    Large-Scale Bamboo Sculptures in San Francisco to Mark 20th Anniversary of Establishment of HKSAR
    Hong Kong Movies in San Francisco and Dallas

  • Eighty-fifth Issue - December 20, 2016
    FS Promotes HK Advantages in Business and Trade in Los Angeles
    S for IT Attends Digital Cities Summit in San Francisco
    SED Visits San Francisco for Education Exchanges
    SEN Visits Los Angeles

  • Eighty-fourth Issue - September 30, 2016
    Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco Welcomes New Director
    Hong Kong Cinema in San Francisco
    Hong Kong Remains World's Freest Economy
    Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect Welcomed

  • Eighty-third Issue - June 30, 2016
    Hong Kong Chief Secretary Visits San Francisco
    Hong Kong can Contribute to Belt & Road
    Hong Kong Ranked Word's Most Competitive Economy
    Hong Kong Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Visits San Francisco Bay Area

  • Eighty-second Issue - March 31, 2016
    HKETO Celebrates Chinese New Year in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Dallas
    Chief Executive Delivers 2016 Policy Address
    Hong Kong Movie Selected as CAAMFest Centerpiece Presentation
    Hong Kong - Made Advanced Robot Surgeon makes Debut


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