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“Inside Hong Kong” Documentary Series aired in the Bay Area

An exciting look at one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities is the focus of a four half-hour episode documentary series, “Inside Hong Kong”. Hosted by Hong Kong-born Bay Area resident, producer and writer Roger Garcia, and Chinese American Mimi Chan, the series looks at different aspects of Hong Kong – a city where east meets west, and where tradition blends with the 21st century.

Ms Doris Cheung, Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco (middle) introduces the documentary series, "Inside Hong Kong" at the press preview.  Also present at the preview are the program cohosts, Roger Garcia (left) and Mimi Chan.The program, specially produced to mark the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, was spearheaded by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco.

At the preview, director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Ms Doris Cheung said, “as part of the celebration activities to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, our Office commissioned Roger Garcia to produce a documentary series about Hong Kong that features the different faces of this dynamic city and its people.”

“This program showcases “Hong Kong’s spirit” – a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural, open and free society where people of different nationalities and walks of life work and pursue their dreams in harmony. Through each episode, we want to bring out a special facet of Hong Kong: a place featuring world-class architecture as well as historical heritage; a city full of opportunities and energy; a campus for state-of-the-art technology and innovation; and a platform to unleash one’s creativity. Co-hosts Roger Garcia and Mimi Chan will give the audience an in-depth perspective about Hong Kong,” she continued.

Producer and co-host Roger Garcia (right)  films in Hong Kong“We are privileged to be able to meet and interview many interesting people and go to places where many will not be able to visit, like on top of the Tsing Ma Bridge, and some of the highest skyscrapers in Hong Kong to look at the design of these infrastructures,” said Roger Garcia.

The four aspects that are covered in the series – “Architecture”, “Expatriates”, “Science and Technology” and “Hong Kong Style” illustrate the uniqueness of this Asia’s world city.

Co-host Mimi Chan agreed that Hong Kong is very unique and draws many people from around the globe to the small island. “It is such a fast-paced city and I am particularly impressed with its efficient public transportation system,” she said.

Although she has visited Hong Kong four times, the filming trip was her longest and the most impressive. “We have the opportunity to meet with so many interesting people, and visit some fantastic places that I had never been to before, such as helicopter rides over the island, and on top of some of the highest skyscrapers,” she said.

“I enjoyed the production very much and I definitely feel like I know Hong Kong more in depth now. I still view it as a busy city, but I got a chance to glimpse at some of the quieter and more historical places as well,” she added.

The series’ opener “Architecture” looks at some of Hong Kong’s iconic skyscrapers – the I.M. Pei designed Bank of China, the towering International Finance Center II and the distinctive Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building. Roger and Mimi also look at historic Chinese temples and village buildings in both the urban and rural areas, to discover how traditional beliefs have influenced the placement of buildings.

The second episode, “Expatriates” focuses on a sector of the community that is rarely seen on television – the expatriates who enjoy living and working in Hong Kong. From the well-known American, Allan Zeman, who started the trendy entertainment district of Lan Kwai Fong; through the young Japanese American entrepreneur Kathleen Sweeney who works with artistically gifted children; to the colorful British-born Bey Logan, film producer and martial arts expert.

In episode three, “Science and Technology”, Roger follows the development of science and technology in Hong Kong – from the high tech campuses of Cyberport and Science Park to an exploration of traditional Chinese medicine and modern biotechnology. Roger experiences first hand the application of technology in the form of the Octopus card which he uses not only to travel around Hong Kong, but also for purchases.

The closer of the series, “Hong Kong Style” looks at some contributions that Hong Kong has made to stylish living. Roger and Mimi discover the secrets of great dim sum; and meet with internationally renowned Hong Kong fashion designers as well as local product and furniture designer.

“Inside Hong Kong” series was broadcast on KRON4 in the Bay Area on four consecutive Sundays in September. Re-runs were broadcast in October. A six-minute trailer can been viewed at http://www.hketosf.gov.hk/sf/10th_anniversary.htm.


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