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HKID card replacement exercise set

The city-wide identity card replacement exercise will start on December 27, the Hong Kong Immigration Department announced.

HKID card replacement exercise set

Holders of existing Hong Kong identity cards will be invited to attend one of the nine newly established Smart Identity Card Replacement Centres in phases according to their year of birth, to have their cards replaced within specified periods.

Members of the Immigration Service, police officers and labor inspectors will have their identity cards replaced first to allow them to get familiar with the features of the new cards for fighting against illegal immigration and employment.

Existing identity card holders born in 1985 or 1986 will be invited to replace their cards between January 21 and March 30 next year.

They will be followed by those born between 1968 or 1969.

It is estimated the replacement exercise will last about four years. The Secretary for Security will issue an Order to announce the details of the first cycle.

Hong Kong residents who are presently overseas need not rush back to Hong Kong solely for replacement of their Hong Kong identity cards. They can do so within 30 days after their return to Hong Kong if they have missed their turn. 

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